The Next Revolution in 3D Design begins now...go.

Simplicity for designers, precision for engineers

FoldStar packages powerful, proprietary geometric algorithms behind an easy-to-use interface. Engineer periodic folded materials with emergent dynamics from tesselalated units and cross-sectional controls. Animate and hone your designs in our SolidWorks® module for complete integration in your workflow. Our software expresses decades of experience innovating folded technologies across industries. We've built a practical, versatile tool that you will love to use. FoldStar frees you from the mathematical minutiae so you can focus on invention.

Create 3D folded designs never before possible

Rapidly prototype doubly-periodic folding materials in a high-precision, user-friendly environment. Build your structure's edge and cross-sectional profiles, then let FoldStar solve the dynamic constraints that yield true-folding geometries. State-of-the-art web technologies and novel proprietary algorithms yield a seamless, high-velocity workflow. Choose from a range of presets, then tweak and modify the units of tessellation to explore an infinitely varied family of structures.