Meet the DPFT!

Doubly-Periodic Folding Tessellations are a versatile family of deployable materials that repeat a pattern in "row" and "column" directions. FoldStar Designer lets you prototype DPFTs by controlling the shape of a crease in the "row" direction, and a cross-section in the "column" direction. The Row Edge (RE) and Column Cross–Section (CCS) define your surface's "base state". All DPFTs fold from a flat sheet to their base states (and often beyond) without bending. The grid below contains some of the RE and CCS presets available in the application. Select a combination and click on the image to start folding! Mouse buttons with pointer motion rotate surface and zoom. FoldStar Designer provides an intuitive editor directly in your SolidWorks menu for building arbitrary RE and CCS curves, then lets you animate the folding process and integrate the folded tessellation directly in your SolidWorks part design tree.