FoldStar, Inc: A world-leader in folded tessellation engineering

Folding is the most efficient method to create unique patterns, devices, and structures via low-cost simple or complex manufacturing. From car-door crush-zones to composite bridge-decks, folded geometries are in high demand across scales and industries. Whether you work in aerospace engineering or automotive manufacturing, defense or civil infrastructure, architecture, shipping, or consumer packaging, FoldStar could be the design advantage you’ve been waiting for. Consulting services are also available for no in-plane deformation manufacturing processes and pattern prototyping services.


  • High-performance core materials in laminated panels
  • Soundproofing and impact protection
  • Multi-laminate bulk materials with cellular structures
  • Ornamental building and consumer products
  • Deployable structures
  • Inflatable softgoods

FoldStar’s intuitive software quickly integrates with existing 3D design software, allowing the user to begin creating novel structures without hassle.


Rapidly prototype doubly-periodic folding materials in a high-precision, user-friendly environment. Build your structure's edge and cross-sectional profiles, then let FoldStar solve the dynamic constraints that yield true-folding geometries.


With FoldStar software, the user is in control of the data. Now available as a plugin for SolidWorks, structures can be downloaded in a variety of CAD formats for modeling.


All structures developed in FoldStar fold from flat sheets without in-plane deformation, yielding a fabrication process for complex structural materials without slitting or darting. Metals, paper products, polymers, and woven composites can all be utilized as materials for fold manufacturing.